Senior Quality Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Posted 3 months ago
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National Diploma (Engineering) or equivalent, Qualified & Experienced Toolmaker advantaged and Preferred with City & Guilds Qualification in addition, with four to six years of practical work experience of which two to three years working with complex activities in the quality engineering field within the component or automotive Industry essential.

Computer Skills:

Competency in MS Office and MS Windows required.


Essential duties and responsibilities include the following.

  • Ensuring compliance with applicable industry quality standards (e.g. CQI 9/11/12/15; IATF 16949 & Customer Specific Requirements)
  • Assists in the development of procedures to support and implement quality systems applicable to a single site.
  • Leads / facilitates Advance Quality Planning teams (e.g. APQP)
  • 6 Sigma Green Belt (Utilizing appropriate statistical methods/techniques) or other applicable problem-solving methodology (eg. 8D; A3; 5-Why)
  • Develops action plans for improving products, services, and processes (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma, Poka-Yoke)
  • Ensures implementation of continuous improvement action plans
  • Performs verification/validation of implemented improvements.
  • Performs benchmarking activities, ensuring integration of best practices throughout the organization (i.e., lessons learned)
  • Ensures that the knowledge necessary to implement quality systems is integrated throughout the organization.
  • Resolves customer and supplier issues.
  • Quick response to customer concerns with containment and root cause analysis (ICA & PCA) ensuring required customer documentation completed in line with internal system requirements.
  • Manages 3rd party inspection/sorting when required.
  • Ensures relevant testing completed for all parts as required (product audits; layouts/requalification; periodic testing; etc.).
  • Ensures compliance to quality systems.
  • Delivers training/education in the use of quality standards, tools, customer portals access/update, systems, and techniques.
  • Applies appropriate statistical tools to analyze complex quality issues/problems & procedures.
  • Measures the effectiveness of established quality systems (e.g. COPQ, BOS, SPC, audits, performance results in customer portal – as measured by the customer)
  • Performs analyses of existing data (e.g. warranty analysis, COPQ, SPC, test data)
  • Ensures control and capability of processes (e.g. manufacturing, service, business)
  • Proficiency in camera/PLC technology for end-of-line inspection equipment
  • Ensures that the knowledge necessary to maintain quality standards is applied across the organization.
  • Applies appropriate technology to support measurement and control processes.
  • Develops and manages the quality system audit process (e.g. schedules, worksheets)
  • Defines quality measurements.
  • Trains others in advanced statistical techniques to measure and control product, service, and process capability (including train-the-trainer)
  • Trains others in systemic analysis techniques
  • Develops new techniques / approaches to measuring and controlling product, service, and process capability.
  • Designs measurement systems and tools to evaluate performance characteristics (e.g., gauges, fixtures, templates, gauging methods)
  • Designs innovative applications for technology tools to measure, control, and report performance characteristics.
  • Trains others in the application of quality tools (e.g., 8D, 6 Sigma, Pareto analysis, Painter charts)
  • Manages transition to and +application of defined best methods/ benchmarked processes.
  • Applies reliability data to remedy known systemic weaknesses.
  • Manages team members to execute required functions (lab testing; product audits; layout/requalification; etc.)